Knowing our customers

Our reputation is based on knowing our customers and providing the best platform for them to succeed, now and in the future.

Our local management teams work closely with each customer, to fulfil their expectations.

A high retention rate, year-on-year, demonstrates that our approach is right.

Your business deserves
the best environment

Our business communities suit every kind of organisation, from science and technology companies to manufacturers, suppliers, lawyers, accountants and companies from the creative industries.

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Perfectly placed for you, your clients and our support...

Park life – amenities, social activities and business networking

The MEPC team is based on site to respond to a company’s needs on a day-to-day basis.

We offer a range of amenities including: cafés, gyms, convenience stores, restaurants, nurseries and a range of outdoor spaces.

Based on customer feedback, we arrange sports, social and charity events.

Business networking events, hosted by MEPC, help our customers to find out the latest, develop contacts and seek opportunities to collaborate.

Buildings and environment

MEPC manages high-quality environments which help customers to impress their clients and motivate their staff.

Our tradition is to work with the future in mind, from innovative new developments, to adaptable spaces, that can answer changing requirements.

MEPC’s asset level business plans anticipate ongoing refurbishment, proactive building management and leadership in environmental practice.