Acquisition, strategic marketing, planning and development

The MEPC team is experienced in acquiring sites, creating compelling propositions, achieving planning consent in complex situations, leading professional teams through the design process and delivering new and refurbished buildings to meet market demand. We develop buildings speculatively, to meet identified market demand, and we work with individual companies to build to their specific needs. As well as developing large business parks, we also develop large inner-city sites, creating distinctive urban quarters.

Developing and nurturing the business community

Our success is due to our customer-focused approach. We get to know our customers, are responsive to their changing needs and host events and initiatives on site which generates a sense of community. MEPC has been a prominent name in UK commercial property for more than 70 years.

As experts in creating specialist business communities, we have an outstanding track record. We create high quality business environments for our companies which enables them to impress their clients and motivate their staff. We look after what we have built through ongoing refurbishment, proactive building management and leadership in environmental practices.

The experienced on-site management team is available to respond to day-to-day needs and manages all services and infrastructure.

Delivering value for our investors

We maximise returns for our investors whilst mitigating exposure to risk, leading to out-performance against recognised MSCI Indices. We achieve this through disciplined acquisition, focusing on ensuring that there is sustainable demand from occupiers.

Our local management teams work closely with customers, and our consistently high retention rates and short void periods confirms that we are successfully meeting our customers’ needs. Flexible lease terms, proactive re-gear discussions and creating new property options to allow companies to grow, ensures we can continue to accommodate the requirements of each company as their needs change. We build strong relationships with our clients over many years. All this ensures that value is created for our investors.

Responsible property development and management

Prioritising ESG issues (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a key responsibility of our time. It is now widely recognised that good ESG management helps companies perform better in the long term.

Our approach to sustainability is based on strong economic, environmental and social values that ensure we make constructive long-term decisions about our business and enable our customers and stakeholders to sustain their own activities, now and in the future.