Paul Cox - Programme Manager
Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice

When we relocated to 5 Wellington Place we utilised MEPC to deliver a turnkey solution. The project was delivered within 6 months to an extremely high standard and feedback from staff has been excellent. The snags following construction were minor in nature and dealt with effectively. Furthermore they also provided links with the local authority to help us with our green travel plans and also have created a community feel within the development. This started with a welcome session for staff and continues through a variety of initiatives including street food events and a choir.

Paul Cox - Programme Manager

Turnkey Solutions

From construction to occupation, a member of the MEPC development team will be dedicated to your project from start to finish, ensuring that your new home for business meets all the original design requirements. We can even project manage your exacting fit-out requirements to minimise the impact of the move on your day-to-day business.

Environmental Design

Wellington Place is designed with strong environmental credentials and sustainable benefits which assist in achieving corporate social objectives, support the responsible occupation of buildings and lower overall occupation costs.

The Masterplan

Comprised of 1.9 million sq ft of commercial, retail, leisure and residential accommodation, the Masterplan for Wellington Place is set to enhance urban life in the city. When complete the 22 acre scheme will comprise of: -

• A vibrant community with around 16,000 people living and working at Wellington Place
• Over 1.9 million sq ft of space
• Mixed-use buildings including offices, residential, retail and leisure
• A central square focused around the listed Railway Lifting Tower dating back to the 1850s
• Wide pedestrianised boulevards and avenues throughout the scheme