Silverstone Park - MEPC
Anthony Priest - Founder and Managing Director
TD Group,<br />social networking

TD Group,
social networking

Silverstone Park has facilitated several prestigious and well attended networking events; at each one we have gained new clients and built the business further. Silverstone Park is professional, energetic and highly sociable with a supporting team focused on customer service and client engagement. Thanks to MEPC, the developer here, and Bridge Fibre, who installed all our communications, moving in was also simple. And with lots of our neighbours going out of their way to say ‘hello’ we’re enjoying the fantastic atmosphere. We feel right at home.

Anthony Priest - Founder and Managing Director

A place to inspire the business community

On-site amenities include a cafe and a gym, to help with work-life balance. The on-site management team is available to respond to companies’ needs on a daily basis and arranges a variety of business networking events as well as sports and social activities.