Delivering environmental and social outcomes

MEPC strives to continuously improve environmental, social and governance strategies in its asset management and development management activities.

MEPC’s strategy is to:

  • work with talented teams to design attractive buildings, in key locations
  • include the latest in sustainable building design thinking in our developments
  • work with local community representatives to set up and support social impact projects
  • deliver biodiversity net gain, and environmental net gain, initiatives to ensure a long-term positive impact on wildlife, and its related welfare benefits

Proactively monitoring sustainability indicators

Under its stewardship, MEPC strives to be at the forefront of energy performance monitoring and recognises the importance of minimizing the carbon footprint of each estate, achieved through site-wide travel plans aimed at reducing single occupancy car commutes.

MEPC’s approach to material selection and procurement focuses on life cycle impact and the development of sustainable procurement plans, to ensure that all main building elements are assessed.

MEPC aims to achieve BREEAM ‘Excellent” for all new developments.

Biodiversity loss is a consequence of climate change and human impact. Ecosystems are widely known to provide a number of critical services to society, including air-filtering, mitigating temperate changes, providing oxygen and ultimately habitats for wildlife.

Through its management, MEPC protects, maintains and enhances features of ecological value in line with recommendations from professionally qualified ecologists.

Delivering social sustainability

MEPC actively looks for ways to protect the social wellbeing of occupiers, employees and communities. The approach is one of responsibility for, and responsiveness to, the issue of the day.

Gender equality in the workplace
MEPC Women into Construction was set up in 2019 to champion gender equality in the construction industry. The group, working with Julia Muir of the Automotive 30% Club, is currently working through a 12-month training programme to help main contractors, and related professional organisations, become inclusive leaders of diverse teams.

Careers Education for young people
MEPC supports projects that help businesses work with schools to offer young people the information they need, about the world of work, to help them make informed choices about their individual career pathways.

Health and wellbeing
Developing outside spaces, featuring green infrastructure, that occupants can use for breaks, and social interaction, are beneficial to health and well-being, as is the development of a sense of community of at each estate through a range of activities including business networking, charity events, social gathering including quiz nights and park choirs, and a wide range of sports activities.

Governance – taking responsibility, acting professionally

MEPC seeks to provide a first-class service. This means operating transparently and with integrity.

Robust systems are in place to protect data, respect privacy, guard against financial crime, and ensure employee engagement with clear policies, procedures and appropriate remuneration.

MEPC promotes its ESG principles across its supply chain.