St Mary le Port Tower and ruins are currently on Historic England’s ‘Heritage at Risk’ register and are in need of significant work to respectfully retain what remains, so that they can be enjoyed by people now and in the future. The Vaults underneath the pavement in High Street, are also in need of repair to address water ingress and damage to the medieval walls caused by tree roots.

Our planning submission includes a commitment to fund the repair and reuse of these historic ruins and to draw up plans, with local community representatives, to celebrate, and make good use of the space throughout the year.

Overall, the design approach is in-line with Bristol City Council’s City Centre Planning Policy Framework and its action on the climate change and ecological emergency. As well as setting ambitious and deliverable targets for our buildings, in terms carbon use in operation and embodied carbon, we will adopt the latest thinking in Environmental Net Gain (ENG) in order to take care of the natural environment long term.

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