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The following environmental, social and economic benefits are in place.

Environmental Energy consumption
  1. Record all power and gas usage procured within MEPC on a quarterly basis.
  2. Reduce, compare and understand energy use in all MEPC managed buildings.
  3. To have 50% off the portfolio where energy is purchased through MEPC converted to Automatic Meter Reading for electricity and gas.
  4. Web-enable this information through third party software for review and reporting purposes.
Water use
  1. Record all water procured within MEPC on a quarterly basis.
  2. Reduce total water consumption in MEPC managed buildings year on year.
  3. Survey all managed buildings using a common template to establish water use by head, taking into account business process-related use.
Waste management
  1. Reduce the quantity of waste from MEPC managed buildings going directly to landfill to zero.
  2. Investigate and develop business cases for on-site segregation and collection of waste from managed buildings to a central compound.
  1. Reduce the number of single occupancy journeys by car at each Estate through green travel plan initiatives.
  2. Carry out annual travel surveys at all Estates.
  1. Complete Biodiversity plans for each Estate following corporate policy.
  2. Maintain and, where appropriate, enhance the natural environment at all Estates.
Social Community initiatives
  1. Contribute in a significant way to at least one relevant local or national community event or charitable initiative each year.
Health and Safety
  1. Achieve zero reportable incidents across all Estates covering all MEPC staff.
  2. Implement ISO18001 accreditation process.
Stakeholder dialogue
  1. Carry out annual customer satisfaction surveys at each Estate looking to measure improvement int eh levels of customer satisfaction.
  2. Improve levels of customer satisfaction.
Economic Sustainable development
  1. limit the environmental impact of all new building products.
  2. Establish a large-scale renewable energy strategy by thoroughly investigating opportunities at the Milton Park Estate.