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Milton Park BUG is an online bike user group set up by the Milton Park on-site management team for cyclists on and around Milton Park.

The Milton Park team is committed to creating a safe and attractive environment for its cyclists - to get in touch with our Travel Co-ordinator simply email

How to use the Forum

If you are interested in contributing to Bike User Group discussions you can do so using the Forum to the right to contribute information including:

  • Local cycle events
  • Report any damages or concerns regarding local cycle paths
  • General discussions – ask other members for advice on cycling matters

If you would like to contribute to this Forum, please register using the link at the top of this page

What is a Milton Park BUG?

BUG has been created to provide an online user group so cyclists can get the most out of cycling to, from and on Milton Park. BUG gives you access to:

  • A community of cyclists - we already have over 65 users!
  • Cycle routes
  • Events
  • Cycling news

To help you find local cycle paths for your own recreation or to use to commute to Milton Park please see the related links for local cycle paths.

To register, simply click here to enter your details