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What's in a Name?

MEPC has been a prominent name in UK commercial property for more than 60 years, with an outstanding track record of responsible property management and development of large Business Estates.

Throughout history, we have succeeded in applying the same principles of sustainability to our relationships with our customers, investors, employees and local communities alike. The result is value that everyone can share.

With unrivalled experience in accommodating the needs of business and people, our tradition is to build with the future in mind – with innovative new developments through to adaptable spaces that can answer changing requirements.

We look after what we build too. With ongoing refurbishment, proactive building management and leadership in environmental practice, we demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement.

We have built our reputation based on understanding customers’ requirements, always recognising the need to give our customers the best platform for success, not just for today but tomorrow as well.

Staff at MEPC