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Join the party as Hillington Park gets set to celebrate 75 years


MEPC are teaming up with Hillington Park’s social committee to organise a host of events to celebrate the Park’s 75th anniversary this year.

One event which is in the early stages of planning is a Family Spring Fete. This will be held at the Park on Sunday 28th April and the social committee is hoping YOU will get involved.

The committee is looking for people and businesses on the Park to take part and perhaps provide catering, stalls and family activities.

Your staff may have hidden baking or jewellery making talents and want to show them off. Or perhaps you are more interested in sport and want to organise a ‘Beat the Goalie’ competition. However you want to take part, the social committee would love to hear from you.

The Hillington Park Social Committee was set up by MEPC in late 2012 with a view to fostering the community spirit at Hillington Park.

Look out for opportunities to get involved: whether you are sporty or interested in crafts, nature or outings, we will be setting up a number of initiatives during 2013 including extended classes at the Hillington Park gym, a potential sporting challenge involving a range of activities, Yoga classes and beekeeping lessons.

And for the first time, we will be holding a Bike Week in May. Details on this to follow.

If you would like to get involved in any of the above, join the social committee at one of its meetings or merely express an interest in going along to the fete please contact Alison Clark on or on 0141 883 5760.

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